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by The iMPeRFeCT Gallery

Hard to believe 10 years have gone by, just like that! Hard to believe we're still here! A whole lotta art & love from your community, can get you very far...

It is so amazing, exciting and rewarding to have iMPeRFeCT Gallery, this scrappy, yet significant little art space in the coolest, cool Germantown.
We feel loved... We feel appreciated... And we know we make a difference by facilitating this safe space for the arts, artists and the community to express themselves.
So, we humbly ask you from the bottom of our hearts, to help us make this 10th Anniversary End of Year Campaign a success. Any amount given is boss! Thank you!! And we promise to continue to bring magic, art and smiles into all of our hearts.
Our $20,000 goal is ambitious and if we are lucky, we'll surpass it... Please join hands with us to keep this work moving along... Thank you!
With love,
Renny & Rocio

$15,923 RAISED

$20,000 GOAL

This Appeal 66 80%
has ended. Believers Funded
This appeal has ended.